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Here is an update on Christopher's latest movies about to come out and also the films he's about to start work on.

'Janis & John' won original film of the year at the Malaga Film Festival last March in Spain.

'A ton Image'- by Luc Besson (spitting image)also starring Nasstassia Kinsky is out in France and is opening in Germany and Italy next. 'A ton Image' is a thriller with a storyline based on cloning.

'Day of Wrath', a period movie that takes place in 1542, during the Spanish Inquisition is set to begin filming in Budapest-Hungary August 30th. Joss Ackland David Suchet will be joining the cast.

Christopher will be playing in Dalida which is a twice 2 hours mini series about the singer. He will be playing the Count of St.Germain who was Dalida's most important love.

Christopher will once again take on the role of Rayden in the upcoming 'Mortal Kombat 3' and we will also see Christopher as the immortal Connor MacLeod in 'Highlander The Source.'

Highlander is selling a new Highlander 2 Special Edition, there's more information on this link that Brad sent me.

janis et john 'Janis et John' was filmed in Paris and stars François Cluzet, Sergi López, Marie Trintignant, Christopher Lambert, Jean-Louis Trintignant. You can see 'Janis et John' in France this Oct. 2003 and hopefully soon in the US, Canada, and Europe. There will be more pictures coming soon to this website from 'Janis Et John' and I believe there is also a poster of Christopher sometime next week. Check back for more information soon.

'The Piano Player' aka 'The Target' stars Christopher Lambert and Dennis Hopper. The Piano Player

Absolon 'Absolon' (Sci-Fi) - USA playing on Sci-Fi channel in Aug.

For information about Garrigues de Beaumard-Lambert Wine
Vins & Spiritueux

The Point Men "The Pointmen" revolves around the Israeli-Arab conficts and the personal vendetta towards Tony one of the most dangerous terrorist in the world. This terrorist plans to kill Tony's team as well as the Arab and Israeli leaders as they sign a peace accord.

"Highlander: "Endgame" stars Christopher Lambert and Adrian Paul with a few cast members from the series and from the original HL 1 movie.

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Vercingétorix "Vercingetorix" aka "Druids", a hystorical action drama will be starring Christopher as a Gallic chieftain waging war against Julius Caesar. "Druids" will be distributed by Columbia.

Christopher is starring in "Gideon", written by Brad Mirman. Gideon is a young man living out the remainder of his life in a home for the elderly, where he enriches the lives of his fellow residents.

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So Graham Norton Christopher was a guest on the popular British program called
So Graham Norton filmed on Wedneday April 4th.
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